Our Aim
Services Offered
  • service reviews
    We have available cost effective and interactive models to help your organisation identify the changes and solutions required to achieve service excellence.
  • meetings/workshop facilitation
    Independent/non-partisan facilitation is available to assist your organisation achieve consensus on complex or difficult organisational issues.
  • team building
    We provide adaptive team building processes to support your organisation in building successful and sustainable teams.
  • strategic and business planning
    Our adaptive planning process will help your organisation achieve consensus on its vision, goals and key result areas.
  • disability issues
    We have extensive knowledge and experience of disability issues and of the governance and management of disability organisations.
  • advocacy and lobby programmes
    We can assist your organisation to develop and implement effective consumer based advocacy programmes that can result in changes to laws or to Government policies and practices.
  • understanding governance and management
    Our training programmes can help your organisation understand and commit to the different yet mutually supportive roles and responsibilities of management and governance.
  • individual coaching and supervision
    We offer confidential and personalised assistance to Executives, Managers and Staff with policy and planning decisions, individual work programmes and or matters involving situations of conflict.
  • conflict resolution and arbitration
    Third party assistance is available from trained Conflict Partnership Facilitators and experienced Arbitrators to organisations or individuals experiencing situations of conflict.
  • project management
    We can manage specific work projects appropriate for independent time limited contracts to help your organisation implement its business plans.